Karen Armstrong - Language Class (Nov 2017)

I run an education business and the use of 'Leadhandler' within this organisation has changed our working life.

'Leadhandler' has saved our business so much important time that can be better spent in developing and growing the business. One of the best features is how emails shots can be separated via email track or group, which allows so much flexibility when communicating with potential customers effectively and appropriately. I would highly recommend using "Leadhandler' to any business as a transformational tool to help business professionalism and productivity.

Rebecca Dack - Signs Express (May 2015)

We were looking for a system which could offer a consistent process to the handling of our incoming franchise recruitment enquiries and Lead Handler has certainly ticked all the boxes. We’ve been able to approach our prospective franchisees with automated messages. meaning we’re able to target them with multiple points of contact over specified time periods, each one personalised to the recipient and reflecting the stages of their decision making process. It is also a great tool for collecting enquiries from multiple sources and can be used as a mass marketing system too. We’re delighted at how easy it has been to implement and stress-free the ongoing system is to operate.

Rob Dancy - Kids Academy (2013)

Since we started using Leadhandler it has provided a simple yet effective platform to store and manage our lead flow which in turn is saving us time by enabling us to communicate with our potential franchisees quickly and efficiently. 100's of calls and 100's of individually written emails are now a thing of the past.

It has allowed us to input/create our own sales process around its functionality and also has ready populated lead analysis for regular reports and reviews of what is coming from where and at what stage a lead is. Nick and his team behind Leadhandler have reliably given us a high level of support and have happily welcomed our suggestions on any improvements. So far Leadhandler has given us everything we need to manage our lead flow with and we can see it growing and hope it will grow with us over the years ahead.

Sally Anne Butters - Coconut Creatives (June 2014)

We began using leadhandler.co.uk in March 2014 to support the lead management of a programme of franchise seminars. Previously, we had processed all enquiries manually through Excel spreadsheets and an email software which was time consuming. Using the leadhandler.co.uk system, we have been able to automate several of the manual processes we used to go through on a daily basis which frees up our event coordinator to make more 1-1 calls with enquirers and improve our conversion rate from enquiry to attendance.

I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of set up and our system training was completed in just a few hours. Since then, there have been a couple of areas where we thought the system could be improved for our personal needs, for example being able to segment our attendee data, and these have been implemented within a very short timeframe. We are now able to quickly run reports on the number of enquiries, bookings and attendees against source of enquiry to evaluate the best ROI from our marketing activities.

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